Know us a little more

About Us

Zenitex Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of home textiles and coated fabrics in Thailand. Our present fabric production capacity is in excess of 30 million square meters per year.

We offer a wide range of drapery and upholstery fabrics used in the home textile trade which can be found in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories and many other facilities throughout Thailand and many countries.

We also supply large quantities of coated fabrics to residential, commercial and industrial customers. These coated fabrics are used in such applications as vertical and roller blinds, truck covers, canvas tents and tarpaulins, window shades and awnings, outdoor furniture, sun protection for greenhouses, advertising signboards, and many others.

Our History

Zenitex Industry Co., Ltd., was an expansion from Crowntex Co., Ltd., one of the leading tarpaulin and PVC coated canvas manufacturer in Thailand.  Zenitex Industry Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Prajark Sririntrachai in 2002 in Chonburi, Thailand.  The company specializes in producing a wide range of high quality of geofabrics and indoor/outdoor tarpaulins.  At present our annual production capacity is in excess of 30 million square meters utilizing six fabric coating lines.  These machines are used to apply and bond specific chemicals and/or materials to one or both sides of fabric substrates in order to impart specific desired characteristic to the fabric.  Both dipping and knife-over-roll  methods of coating and also laminating are utilized in these machines.

Our Facilities

Zenitex’s modern weaving mill is equipped with the latest models of fully-automatic weaving looms to help assure consistent fabric quality and manufacturing efficiency. Microprocessor-controlled rapier and air jet looms are used at our weaving mill to produce Jacquard and Dobby weave as well as plain fabrics for both drapery and upholstery use as well as substrate fabrics for our coating plants.  In the coating process, typical chemicals and materials are used while the drying temperature and speed at which the fabrics pass through the calenders in our coating machines can be controlled to achieve specific end results required.  Properties such as water resistance, fire retardance, UV resistance, flexibility, surface gloss, surface texture, etc. can be achieved through the proper application of specific chemical and additive mix and compounds on the fabric substrate.